Types of membership

You can be a member of Servas in 4 ways: (All members receive our newsletter and can participate in national and international activities.)

  1. As a Host: you receive Servas members in your home for a maximum of 2 nights (more if you decide so yourself). You can also enjoy the hospitality of Servas members in your country and abroad.
  2. As a Day Host: you cdon’t offer them a bed for the night but you are willing to have a cup of coffee together, make a walk with them, show them around in your city, offer them a home cooked meal, …You can also enjoy the hospitality of other Servas members in your own country or abroad.
  3. As a traveller: You visit Servas members in your own country or abroad but you don’t host other members yourself.
  4. As a sympathizer: you don’t travel and you don’t receive Servas members. You support Servas as an organization promoting peace and hospitality.

The host list of Servas Belgium & Luxembourg gives you the profiles of the hosts and day hosts. It is a means for Servas members to contact you and to get to know you.

Servas members never exchange money. A small gift or an e-mail after your visit is welcome however.


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