Preparing a trip

  1. Apply for the letter of introduction (LOI, the Servas passport) at
  2. You will receive a blank LOI form by e-mail.
  3. Fill in the form for introducing yourself. Send the form back to We put the Servas International stamp on it and the validation date.
  4. You will receive a payment request and a message you need to use when paying.
  5. Pay the fee of € 16 to IBAN BE95 3631 5616 2158 (don’t forget the message). The LOI is valid 12 months after the date of purchase (eg. When you want to travel in July, you apply for a LOI in June and it is valid until the end of June the next year.)
  6. You will receive your LOI by post and also scanned in a e-mail. You can use this scan to send to Servas members you want to contact.
  7. If you ask for a country list (CL) of one or more countries you want to visit, you’ll recieve them by email in PDF-format.
  8. From the moment you have the CL, you can contact Servas members by sending your scanned LOI together with your request.

Usually this procedure runs smoothly, but it may take up to two weeks at the most to deal with the 4 e-mails, the banking operation and sending the LOI by post.


  • Every member needs their own LOI, but children traveling with their parents don’t need an LOI when they are under 18.
  • Members of Servas Belgium & Luxembourg don’t need a LOI when traveling in Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands but they are asked to take a Membership Confirmation Form with them. You can apply for this via the contact form

How to apply for your LOI?

LOI (=Letter of Introduction) is a Servas passport. You apply for it by filling in the relevant fields in your online profile.

The Travel Coordinator validates the LOI with an electronic stamp of Servas International (e-Stamp) and a date; the LOI is valid until the end of the year.
The e-Stamp will be immediately visible in your profile. You will also get the pdf-version that you can use to send to Servas hosts you want to contact.
Children under 18 traveling with their parents don’t need an LOI

When you are 18 and older you need your own LOI.
Members of Servas Belgium & Luxembourg don’t need a LOI for Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg. Please make sure your online profile is complete. If you have any questions, email us at or use the  contact form.
Please request your eStamp on time so the Travel Coordinator can assist you with the LOI (if necessary) before it is validated.

Example of an LOI

Visiting Servas members

  1. Go to, log in with your password, go to ‘find members’ and fill in the country, region and any other criteria, click on ‘submit’ and you will get a list of servas members.
  2. contact a (day)host via email with your LOI attached and/or via ‘send a message’

How to receive Servas guests?

– A clear and complete profile is particularly important. After all, the information provided allows potential visitors to choose their guests. Just like you can use this information to choose your guests abroad.

– In addition to your LOI, the “additional information” section is very important: It allows you to share your interests, hobbies, specific skills, and more.

– When SERVAS members contact you, either as a host or a day host, it is recommended that you respond to their enquiry within two days.

– We know from experience that Servas members living in cities receive more enquiries than those living in rural areas. In order to motivate members to come to the countryside, you can also mention how to get from a certain city to your village.

– If you want to motivate more travellers to come to your village, you should also mention WMT (Want More Travellers) in your profile.

– As a Host, you can check whether your (future) guests have a valid LOI: you can always check the eStamp number and LOI expiry date on the Traveller’s profile at

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