How to become member ?

  1. You inform the National Secretary by means of the registration form below.or by sending an email to mentioning your address.lidworden-2
  2. You will be  invited for aninterview, an introductory meeting with a regional co-ordinator
  3. You will be asked to pay the annual membership fee
    • €17 per adult.
    • Young people between 18 and 25 years pay € 10
    • free for young people under 18 years old.  
  4. When the membership fee is on our account, you are a member of Servas B&L.
  5. You will then receive by email a link to your profile on Servas Online  and a manual to fill in this profile.
  6. Please complete your profile carefully as it is essential for the efficient functioning of the global Servas network.
  • With your membership you are also entitled to a  LOI (letter of introduction) or the Servas “passport”. You add this LOI to your profile, you can then download and/or print it out and also send it and/or show it to your potential hosts.
  • Once you are a member you can consult the Servas-site, receive Servas-members or visit Servas-members yourself. Nobody is obliged to host guests, you can also be a traveller or a dayhost. This information must be mentioned on your profile.- If you want to travel as a Servas member, it is necessary to contact our travel coordinator (*) to validate your LOI.
  • You can always request the country list of guests(*) . They will be sent to you by mail.

(*) All correspondence and questions via: When we have received your payment your membership starts and you can ask for anand a CL (country list) to start visiting other Servas members or you can welcome Servas travellers in your home.

Application form Membership

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