How to apply for your LOI?

  1. LOI (=Letter of Introduction) is a Servas passport. You apply for it by filling in the contact form.
  2. You will be sent a blank LOI form to be filled in and sent to
  3. You pay € 16to the given bank account with the given message.
  4. The Travel Coordinator validates the LOI with a stamp of Servas International and a date; the LOI is valid until 12 months after the date of issue.
  5. The original validated document will be sent to you by post. You will also get the pdf-version that you can use to send to Servas hosts you want to contact.
  • Children under 18 traveling with their parents don’t need an LOI
  • When you are 18 and older you need your own LOI.
  • Members of Servas Belgium & Luxembourg don’t need an LOI for Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg. You will be asked to fill in and take with you a Membership Confirmation Form for these three countries. Yoy can ask this form via the contact form.
  • It takes two weeks at the most to deal with the 4 emails, the banking operation and sending the LOI by post.

Example of an Loi

What is a Membership application form?

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